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The book is clear,
succinct, and very to
the point. Students
NEED this book as one
can quickly find vital
information about
university life. By Esther Adeyi, Fresher

Welcome to Crystal Debrah's website!

Crystal is the author of the book,"What They Don't Tell You About University"

The book "What They Don't Tell You about University" was written during Crystal's time at university. She initially struggled to get to grips with university life and in the first year she finished with a 3rd class grade. She approached lecturers and fellow students to find out what she could do to improve her grades and university life experience.

Crystal then utilised all the information she was given and finished her degree with a 2:1 grade.

She has consolidated all this information into a simple guide called 'What They Don't Tell You about University'. She hopes that this will help new undergraduates and prepare them for what to expect from day one.

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